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Terms and Conditions 01.07.2017


  1. Introduction & Definitions

These Terms and Conditions govern the P & R Electrical Buy2Fly Points Rewards Program for eligible customers. All Terms and Conditions are subject to change, without notice and at the sole discretion of P & R Electrical Wholesalers Pty Ltd ACN 007 820 868.


  • P & R Electrical – P & R Electrical Wholesalers Pty Ltd ACN 007 820 868.
  • Buy2Fly – P & R Electrical Wholesalers Pty Ltd Buy2Fly Rewards Program
  • Buy2Fly Points – Points earnt by the customer, while participating in the program.
  • Participants – Customers participating in the program.
  • Claim/Redemption Form – Form required to be completed by the customer to redeem points.

Each P & R Electrical customer, who participates in the Buy2Fly program are bound by the following conditions of use in addition to P&R Electrical’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  1. When do the Buy2Fly Points reward Terms and Conditions apply

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 1st July 2017 ongoing, unless terminated by P & R Electrical.

  1. Earning Points Participants in the Buy2Fly program are automatically enrolled in the program and will earn points when making purchases from our preferred suppliers, while adhering to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Points are accumulated at a rate of 1 Buy2Fly Point for every $100 (ex GST), of your net purchases made with our preapproved preferred suppliers. Each Buy2Fly Point is worth $1.

Once your accumulated points reach the amount of 100, you are entitled to redeem these points, by completing a Buy2Fly Claim Redemption Form and including any of verification details as request.

  1. Redemption of Buy2Fly Points Only the registered account holder may claim these rewards and rewards can not be accumulated by the pooling of purchases from numerous accounts.

Participants must earn a minimum of 100 points before they can begin redemption.

If the account is in breach of these Terms and Conditions or P & R Electrical’s Terms and Conditions of Sale, no rewards are claimable.

Claims for redemption must be made by completing a Redemption Form along with any supporting documentation required.

Cash Account Holders –Are required to provide a receipt of purchase from any business (that is same dollar value or greater value of the redemption claimed) along with the fully completed Redemption Form. Rewards will be transferred to your nominated bank account after verification.

Credit Account Holders – Can have their reward points credited to their P & R Electrical account, to which the customer will need to complete the Redemption Form only. Should the Credit Account holder wish to have the benefits sent to them directly, they will be required to provide a receipt of purchase from any business (that is same dollar value or greater value of the redemption claimed) along with the fully completed Redemption Form.

Upon receiving the completed Redemption Form and its supporting documentation, please allow up to 7 days for the request to be processed.

  1. Points expiry Buy2Fly Points can be used at any time, if the account in question is currently in compliance to both our Standard Terms and Conditions along with the Buy2Fly Conditions.

P & R Electrical reserve the right, at our sole discretion; to remove, terminate or suspend some or all of your accrued points should you commit an action that contravenes any of our Terms and Conditions. This includes but not limited to:

  • Your Account is on Stop Credit
  • An Act of Insolvency
  • Your Account is closed
  • We initiate legal action to recover the overstanding debt
  • Your account has been inactive for 12 months or more
  • The primary account holder passes away
  • We suspect that you are operating your account in a fraudulent, dishonest or deceitful manner.

Points earned during the Buy2Fly program from 1st July 2016 onwards, will expiry after 3 years, if the customer has not completed the relevant claim form to redeem them.

P & R Electrical are under no obligation to advise the customer of the removal, termination or suspension of their points.

  1. Points are not property Points may not be transferred, sold or redeemed for cash. Buy2Fly Points are not property, have no monetary value, and are not convertible outside of the offered reward scheme. They can only be used by the account holder. There will be no refunds for Buy2Fly Points that are not used.
  2. Buy2Fly Points statement Upon request and at the discretion of P & R Electrical you will receive an e-mailed statement of accumulated points. The Buy2Fly Points program is managed directly by P & R Electrical and not our participating Buy2Fly Points Reward Partners/Suppliers/Sponsors.
  3. Leaving the Buy2Fly Points program If a customer chooses to resign/wishes to opt out from the Buy2Fly Points rewards program they must advise P&R Electrical Wholesalers Pty Ltd in writing via Buy2Fly Points, PO Box 295 Greenacres SA 5086. Upon receipt of this notification, the customer’s Buy2Fly Points account will be closed. No further Buy2Fly Points will be earned and all dollars already accrued for this account will be forfeited.
  4. Program eligibility Only Cash and Credit Account holders are eligible to participate in this program.

Participation includes the adherence to our Standard Terms and Conditions along with the Buy2Fly Terms and Conditions.

P & R Electrical reserve the right, at its sole discretion to remove, suspend or terminate a customers participant on the program.

  1. What we are not liable for: Except as provided in any law which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement we:
  • Are not liable for any delay or inability to provide any rewards caused by circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to: strikes, Australian Government travel warnings, industrial disputes or acts of God.
  • Are not liable for any costs incurred as a result of changes in the dates or booking times of Rewards.
  • Changes/Alternations/Extensions made by the customer to the rewards trip
  • Additions/Modifications made through a 3rd party travel supplier.
  1. Tax Liability It is the responsibility of the registered customer to seek independent professional legal advice in relation to taxation effects arising from participation in the Buy2Fly Points Program. In addition the registered customer is responsible for any taxation liability or other government fees and charges relating to participation in this program.
  2. Governing law These Terms and Conditions of the Buy2Fly Points program are governed by the Laws in force in South Australia. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Australia
  3. Privacy Participants consents to the information on their Application for Commercial Credit Form being entered into a database and subsequently authorise P & R Electrical to use this information for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference/payment or other compensation to the qualifying customer. To opt out of this please email your details to


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